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2D Level Design Work


Image from final game

Crabs & Penguins

Level Designer - Contract

2.5D Mobile Platformer sponsored by Coca-Cola


  • Designed all 5 levels

  • Illustrated 2D Stripboards in full color

  • Decided initial art and color scheme

  • Placed collectables and obstacle

  • Created storyboards and animatic for cutscenes and Crabs & Penguins tv short

Reviews & Media

Level Stripboards

Trailer for Final Game

2D Level Art


Art Director & Chief Creative Officer

2.5D Mobile Platformer


  • Established standard kit of level pieces for all worlds

  • Illustrated level kit components for all wolds to standard fit with metrics

  • Illustrated all level backgrounds

  • Designed GUI & Menu UI

Reviews & Media



Initial concept for possible level style and pieces - illustrated by me.

Level Art

Trailer for Final Game

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