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From Indie to AAA, Jessica has been a video game industry professional for the past 9 years, filling roles including Level Design, Systems Design, UI, and Character Art. You may recognize from her credits titles such as Kena: Bridge of Spirits, South Park: Stick of Truth and Armored Warfare. In addition to the commercial, she especially loves working on the design challenges that come with games in the Medical and Educational fields; projects which she has explored with her own former Indie company and her research work with University of California, Irvine.  One of her favorite parts of the job is finding creative ways for design to give the player a unique experience with meaningful mechanics that support play, and leave them with a newfound understanding of how something works!

Production Experience


March 2016 - June 2021

Kena: Bridge of Spirits - Ember Lab

  • Work closely with Director to create design documents, advocate for design needs across project

  • Lead design team - in office and remote worldwide - through daily standups and feature meetings

  • Blockout and supervise levels suitable for action/adventure gameplay with focus on story and flow

  • Created initial pitch documents, designed, and dressed playable demo resulting in publisher deal

  • Initial Story Development

Game Designer In Residence

May 2015 - Dec 2018

Various Projects - University of California, Irvine

  • Created designs for five projects in close cooperation with Medical and Humanities departments

  • Lead and educated students in independent study courses run like a studio production team

  • Provided career advice, feedback on projects, and industry connections to students

  • Served on eSports committee to create safety and ethics guidelines as well as diversity initiatives

  • Lecturer for core course, "Game Systems and Design" from Jan - Mar 2016

Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer

2012­ - 2015

Fallstreak Studio, LLC

  • Art Director for Axle - Illustrated game & marketing materials, created style guides 

  • Assembled and ran successful $20,000 Kickstarter Campaign for Axle

Systems Designer

Dec 2014 - May 2015

Armored Warfare - Obsidian Entertainment

  • Modeled and fixed bugs in 3D armor meshes, researched, and created data for defense stats ­​ 

  • Built upgrade trees, attend meetings to discuss, and write analysis for combat game balance 

User Interface Artist

Mar 2014­ - Dec 2014

Armored Warfare - Obsidian Entertainment

  • Illustrated and implemented functional UI for menus and play screens in Flash and Scaleform ­​ 

  • Created and revised icons for ammo, skills, and vehicles

Character Artist

Feb 2012­ - Mar 2014

South Park: Stick of Truth - Obsidian Entertainment

  • Concepted, illustrated, and implemented dynamic animatable costume pieces and characters ­​ 

  • Illustrated & revised storyboards, animations, icons, and VFX, for cutscenes and gameplay

Level Designer

Aug 2011­ - Feb 2012

Crabs & Penguins - ​Ember Lab 

  • Illustrated and revised storyboards for a Coke and McDonald’s commercial ­​ 

  • Designed, illustrated, and revised levels for a 3D side scrolling Android and iPhone platformer 

Lead Instructor

Jun 2012 - Aug 2011

iD Tech Camps

  • Taught students, ages seven to fifteen, game design and programming

  • Managed all data assets for location and filled in for Director for 60+ student campus

2008 - 2012

Chapman University - Dodge College of Film and Media Arts

  • Emphasis in Storyboarding, Film Production: Directing & Editing, Social History

  • GPA: 3.8. Dean's List, Chancellor's Scholarship

BFA in Digital Arts


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