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Rusu's Mountain
Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Level Designer


  • Initial Blockout & Sketches

  • Initial Story Beats

  • All Blockout Revisions

  • Oversaw Level Art

  • Initial Puzzle Proposal

  • Final Looks & Set Dressing Polish to Ship

Rusu's Mountain: Bio

Playtime: 30-45 mins

Inspired by the feeling of hiking, Rusu's Mountain features switchback trails and long vistas that tutoralize slides, extensive platforming and ledge hangs, and the new ability that the player receives this level: the Bow.

Featuring a full loop, up one side of the river and down the other, space is built to offer playful sections for the player to collect items in trees and shoot contraptions with their new Bow ability. The journey up and down the mountain makes this level ideal for the player to put all their abilities together for the first time, as this serves as World 1, Level 1 for the game!

Rusu's Mountain: Text

Level Map

Playtime: 30-45 mins

Rusu's Mountain: Portfolio

1. View of the mountain and setting the goal to get to Rusu's House halfway up the mountain.

2. Branch Tosser enemies run into the forest in the trees, Kena cannot fight them without the ability she gets in this level - the "Bow".

3. Branch Tosser enemies run away as combat starts.

4. Memory of the Past 1 of 3. The children remember Rusu teaching them about the forest.

5. Halfway to the mountain check-in and vista.

6. View before crossing over to the house.

7. Memory of the Past 2 of 3. The kids remember Rusu turning them away. Nobody is at the house, a new goal for the top of the mountain is set.

8. Kena chases a new mini-boss enemy into the cave.

9. After traveling through the cave and beating the mini-boss enemy, an old elevator is activated that Kena can use to travel to the top part of the level.

10. The kids recognize the lookout at the top of the mountain where Rusu must be and run on ahead down the path.

11. Rusu teaches Kena the "Bow" ability and expresses his regret for turning the children away.

12. The "Bow" training ground with four different mini-games Rusu teaches Kena how to use.

13. Rusu meets Kena to show her the way down the mountain back to his house.

14. Kena fights the Branch Tosser enemies for the first time now she finally has the "Bow" ability.

15. Rusu checks in with Kena one last time before she uses "Slide" to get back down to Rusu's House to retrieve the spirit's relic and clear the corruption.

16. After beating the mini-boss, Kena receives the Knife Relic Taro left behind after Rusu turned him away. The corruption is cleared.

17. The kids show Kena the way back down the other side of the mountain with her new "Bow" ability.

Announcement trailer which shows gameplay from level

Blockout VS Semifinal Art

Rusu's Mountain: Portfolio
Rusu's Mountain: Portfolio

Additional Images

Rusu's Mountain: Pro Gallery
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