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User Interface & Systems Design

Semi-final game. HUD & Map by Jessica Kernan

Armored Warfare

Live free-to-play MMO

User Interface Artist & Systems Designer - Employee


  • Designed and animated HUD elements

  • Illustrated icons for items, ammo, etc.

  • Created all overhead map images with a combination of screenshots and painting

  • Balanced armor and ammo damage and defense

  • Created custom 3d meshes for each tank to calculate damage, resistance, destructible pieces, etc.

In-Game UI

Dev Diary with footage of semi-final game.

Includes HUD, Icons, and other UI designed by Jessica Kernan.

Character & UI Art

Stick of Truth

Character Art, UI Art, Additional Animation

2.5D Action RPG


  • Created approximately 2/3rds of costumes for player character from thumbnail prototypes, approval by Matt and Trey of South Park Studios, final illustration for game, and all turnarounds and animation poses

  • Illustrated multiple NPC characters including all turnarounds and animation poses

  • Designed icons for all outfits, attacks, magic, perks, abilities, etc

  • 2D animated some attacks, VFX, and background events that needed a special eye to physics and hand drawn frame-by-frame work

  • Implemented created artwork into game

South Park:

   Stick of Truth

Perk icon set illustrations by Jessica Kernan

Costumes & Icons

Character Creation. Multiple hair and clothing options created by Jessica Kernan

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